X. Contiades (ed.), Constitutions in the Global Financial Crisis, Ashgate 2013

  • Contents: Introduction: the global financial crisis and the constitution, Xenophon Contiades; Part I Constitutional Reactions in Comparative Perspective: How constitutions react to the financial crisis, Xenophon Contiades and Alkmene Fotiadou. Part II First Path: Adjustment: The constitution and the financial crisis in Ireland, David Gwynn Morgan; The constitutional consequences of the financial crisis in Italy, Tania Groppi, Irene Spigno and Nicola Vizioli; Financial crisis and the constitution in Latvia, Ringolds Balodis and Janis Pleps; The Spanish constitution in the turmoil of the global financial crisis, Agustín Ruiz Robledo; The constitution and the financial crisis in the UK: historical and contemporary lessons, John F. McEldowney. Part III Second Path: Submission: The impact of the financial crisis on the Greek constitution, Xenophon Contiades and Ioannis A. Tassopoulos; The sovereign debt crisis and the constitution’s negative outlook: a Portuguese preliminary assessment, Jónatas E.M. Machado. Part IV Third Path: Breakdown: Breaking and making constitutional rules: the constitutional effects of the financial crisis in Hungary, Zoltán Szente; The impact of the financial crisis on Icelandic constitutional law: legislative reforms, judicial review and revision of the constitution, Björg Thorarensen. Part V Fourth Path: Stamina: The United States constitution and the great recession, Mark Tushnet; Index.

  • About the Editor: Xenophon Contiades is Professor of Public Law and Dean, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Peloponnese and Director of the Centre for European Constitutional Law-Themistocles and Dimitris Tsatsos Foundation, Athens, Greece.

  • Introduction (in pdf)